Electrical Motor Suppliers in South Africa

Electric Motor Suppliers in South Africa

Noble Motor & Control have been supplying the full range of Electric Motors to Mines and Industry Since 1986.


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Being a businessman, you will hear quite a lot of stories about and receive numerous so-called “advice” on how to broaden business operations and make your business even more successful.  This especially seems to be true when competing within the electrical and/or electronic industries.  The main reason for this being the case can be attributed to the fact that the electrical and/or electronic industries have become extremely competitive over the last couple of years; hence you need to gain a permanent edge over your industry competitors in order to realize the dreams and goals you set out to achieve when you first opened up business.  Thus although there are a lot of myths doing the round, one piece of advice which you should most definitely take to heart is concerned with the supply of electric motors in South Africa with which to conduct business.

Experience would have taught you that the suppliers of electric motors you make use of in South Africa, will play a big role in eventually determining the success which your business achieves in future.  As such, electric motor supplier you decide to make use of can either help your business become an established industry leader or lead to your business’ eventual bankruptcy.  Thus you should take great care to only conduct business with reputable electrical motor supplier, seeing as they sell high quality electrical motors.  High quality electrical motors are not only known for their good performance, but also for their longevity.  This is in stark contrast to the low quality electrical motors usually stocked by non-reputable suppliers of electric motor in South Africa.  Although cheaper, electrical motors that were manufactured according to low quality standards are prone to malfunction and easy breakage, and will subsequently need to be replaced within a short period of time again.


3 Phase WEG Electrical Motors High Voltage Electric Motor Suppliers Single Phase Electric Motors South Africa

 3 Phase Up To 1000 Volts
  • Cast iron standard TEFC
    0.18kW – 355kW
  • Flameproof 
    0.75kW - 330kW 
  • Premium High Efficiency
    0.18kW – 330kW
  • Aluminium Frame
    0.18kW – 7.5kW
  • ODP (IP23)
    11kW – 630kW
  • Ship ring motors
  • Cast iron pad mounted
    0.75kW – 45Kw
  • Aluminium pad mounted
    0.25kW – 7.5kW
  • Smoke extraction foot and pad mounted
  • Specials for VSD’s up to 800kW
High Voltage Electric Motors
  • Squirrel Cage
    (up to 6600 Volts – H line)
    112kW – 2500kW
  • Squirrel Cage
    (up to 11000 Volts – M line)
    250kW – 20000kW
  • Synchronous Induction
Single Phase Electric Motors
  • Cast iron frame
    0.25kW – 7.5kW
  • Aluminium frame
    0.25kW – 7.5kW
  • Petrol pump

  • Vibrator Motors
  • Alternators
  • Brake Motors
  • Saw Arbor Motors
  • Multi Speed Motors
  • Pool Pump Motors
  • Gate/Door Motors
  • Lawn Mower Motors
 Electrical Motor Wholesalers  Industrial Electrical Motors  Large Electrical Motors South Africa  Large WEG Electrical Motors

Electric Motors – Uses and Applications

Electric motors are widely used in a number of different applications for residential, commercial and industrial needs. If you are looking for a supplier of electric motors for your specific application needs, you will find what you need at Noble Motor & Control. Noble Motor & Control supplies a full range of electric motors - Contact Noble Motor & Control today regarding your electric motor requirements. As a leading electrical wholesaler, you can expect competitive prices and excellent service. Read more about electric motor uses and applications.

Make Noble Motor & Control your Electric Motor Supplier in South Africa of choice

As can be derived from the first part of this article, the purchase of high quality electrical motors available from in South Africa such as Noble Motor & Control should not be seen as an unnecessary expense, but rather be regarded as an investment in the future of your business of which the benefits will be reaped over the long term.  Purchasing high quality electric motors from Noble Motor & Control from the very beginning will thus prevent you from having to make any double purchases in the near future, and in so doing pay more for electrical motors in the process. 

By dealing with Noble Motor & Control, you will find that you will instantly attract a much larger percentage of your target market, which will ultimately lead to the business generating bigger profits as well.  It should thus be clear that purchasing quality electric motors from Noble Motor & Control will help you stay one step ahead of your industry competitors at all times; hence the perfect reason to make Noble Motor & Control your supplier of choice of electric motor in South Africa.

electrical motorWholesale electric motors suppliers

Noble Motor & Control is a trusted wholesale electric motor supplier in South Africa. This means that you can rest assured that you will receive the best quality products, professional advice as well as very competitive prices. As wholesale electric motor suppliers, you can also expect to find a wide range of electric motors for your needs. We supply a range of popular name brands as well as single phase, three phase, flame proof electric motors and many more. If you are in need of a specific electric motor for your needs, contact Noble Motor & Control today to find out if we have it in stock – if not, we will source it for you.

electric motor suppliersElectric motors for various applications and needs

Noble Motor & Control distributes only high quality electric motors, stocking popular name brands such as Actom, WEG and EML electric motors. This includes a range of three phase electric motors of up to 1000 Volts, High voltage electric motors as well as single phase electric motors. Other special types of motors include: Vibrator Motors, Alternators, Brake Motors, Saw Arbor Motors, Multi Speed Motors, Pool Pump Motors and Lawn Mower Motors to name a few. Visit our store in Vereeniging to see what we have available, or contact the preferred electric motor suppliers in South Africa today.

wholesale electric motorThree phase electrical motors from Noble Motor & Control

Trust the top electric motors suppliers in Gauteng to supply you with the best three phase electrical motors to fit your requirements. Our three phase electric motors feature: Cast iron standard TEFC 0.18kW – 355kW, Flameproof 0.75kW - 330kW, Premium High Efficiency 0.18kW – 330kW, Aluminium Frame 0.18kW – 7.5kW, ODP (IP23) 11kW – 630kW, Ship ring motors, Cast iron pad mounted 0.75kW – 45Kw, Aluminium pad mounted 0.25kW – 7.5kW, Smoke extraction foot, and pad mounted Specials for VSD’s up to 800kW. Should you require more information about our three phase electric motors from this reputable electric motor supplier, contact Noble Motor & Control today.

electric motor suppliersWEG electric motors in South Africa

Noble Motor & Control, trusted electric motor suppliers, is a proud distributor of WEG electric motors in South Africa. Today WEG is a well-known brand of electrical supplies, and is seen as a total electrical systems provider for the industrial fields, not only a motor dealer. WEG electric motors are designed with durability and performance in mind, and your WEG electric motor from Noble Motor & Control will meet your expectations. Contact the leading WEG electric motors suppliers in South Africa today to purchase a product in this excellent brand of motors.

Leading electrical motors supplier in South Africa

Noble Motor & Control is a leading electrical wholesaler located in the Vaal Triangle, offering the best electric motors in South Africa for your needs. We have been in the electrical supply business for many years, in which we have gained valuable knowledge about electrical products and equipment. You can trust our professional team to assist with all your electric motor questions and requirements. As a trusted electrical wholesaler in the Vaal Triangle, South Africa, we also supply all the electrical products you will require to complete your construction or electrical project, including:

  • Motors and gearboxes: At Noble Motor & Control we supply a range of three phase, single phase and high voltage motors to suit various industry needs. For more information about our electric motors and geared motors for your project, contact us today, or visit the trusted electric motors suppliers in South Africa at our store in Vereeniging.
  • Switchgear and control systems: We also provide a range of switchgear and control systems for various industry requirements. This includes contactors, overload relays, DOL starters, push buttons and pilot lights, limit switches, variable speed drives, soft starters and more.
  • Electrical cables: If you’re in need of cables for your electrical project, then Noble Motor & Control can assist. In addition to being a leading electric motors supplier in South Africa, we also offer an extensive range of electric cables. We offer a large variety of cables and accessories in South Africa for various applications, including Low Voltage Cable, Medium Voltage Cable, High Voltage Cable, Instrumentation Cable, Optical Fibre Cable, Reeling Cable, XLPE Cable, PILC Cable, Coaxial Cable, Heat Resistant Cable, Aerial Bundle Conductors, Overhead Line Conductors and Thermo Couple Cable.
  • Distribution equipment: We are also suppliers of a range of distribution equipment for all your electrical distribution needs. This includes circuit breakers, isolators, generators, and transformers to name a few. Contact us for more information about our distribution equipment.
  • Industrial and commercial lighting: Noble Motor & Control also supplies industrial and commercial lighting for various industries, including flood lights, LED lights and many more.
  • Instruments and tools: We are also suppliers of all the instruments and tools you will need for your electric project, in addition to supplying you with the best electric motors in South Africa.

Trust Noble Motor & Control for all your electric motors in South Africa, as well as all your other electrical products and equipment requirements. Visit our store in Vereeniging to talk to one of our professional and friendly consultants.

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How does an electric motor work?

Electric motors as seen as one of the greatest inventions of all time. Electrical motors are so widely used in today's day and age, and when stopping to think about where they are used, you will soon realise that they are more common than you would think. Almost everyone uses machinery, appliances or other electrical equipment every day that makes use of an electric motor, without you even realising it. Uses in everyday life include electric gate motors, fans, remote controlled cars, hairdryers, toys and even the computer you are using right now. The electric motor truly is a great and useful invention, but how exactly does an electric motor work? Read more about how electric motors work, or contact Noble Motor & Control today to find the electric motor you needs for your specific application. As a leading electrical wholesaler in Gauteng, we supply a range of electric motors to suit various needs.

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