Electrical Cable Wholesalers in Gauteng, South Africa

Electrical Cable Wholesalers in Gauteng, South Africa

Noble Motor Control have become one of the electrical cable wholesalers in South Africa with the best reputation for stocking the largest range of quality cables, cabling accessories and cabling components and as we purchase our stock at wholesale prices, we are able to bring you even better rates than any other retailer in the country.

We have become known for stocking extremely large ranges of products including cabling, electrical boxes, electrical accessories and electrical ties to suit the need of every unique company across the country. 

Trusted Electrical Cable Wholesalers Gauteng, South Africa

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Need an Electrical Cable Wholesaler in Gauteng, South Africa? Contact Noble Motor & Control

Included in our range of stock within our electrical cable wholesalers in South Africa  we keep many different types of cables of which some include housewire cables, single core general purpose house wiring cables, power panel flex cable, surfix cable, flat twin cables, earth cables, cabtyre cables, audio cord cables, submersible pump cables, general welding cables, PVC cables, trailing cables, monster cables, HQR insulated cables, illumination cables, panel flex cables, low voltage armoured cables, bells and mains cables, multicore cables, single core cables, silicone cables, bare copper cables, aluminium conductor cables, fibre optic cables, copper conductor cables and aerial bundle cables to name just a few.

Within our range of electrical supplies and accessories we stock switchgears, all lighting accessories, electrical safety products, fibre optic accessories, telecommunications accessories, trailing and welding accessories, electric motors, electric starters, distribution boards and main electricity control centres.

As we not only an Electrical Cable Wholesaler in Gauteng, we also stock different types batteries, lights and light fittings, cable ties and accessories, cable glands and boxes,  cable joints and terminations, cable support systems, circuit breakers, fuses,  industrial light fittings, multi meters, PLC’s, proximity switches, relays and terminals, tapes and joints, electrical diagnostic and testing instruments and all types of timers with their accessories.

As you can see, we pride ourselves in being one of the largest and best quality electrical cable wholesalers in South Africa and if we do not stock any specific item we are more than happy to get it for you.  Phone us today at (016) 427-4060 to see how we can assist you with all your electrical needs.
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